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Galactic Explorer

Clothing should be primarily beige, brown, khaki and sand coloured. The base will be a sand coloured jumpsuit or alternatively sand coloured trousers and a loose sand coloured top. Accessories might include boots, putties or cloth strips to wrap around the legs and wrists to protect from heat and sand, brown leather belts with pouches attached. Optional extras include items such as gloves, scarves or military goggles in appropriate colours.

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Governor of the Alliance

The colour scheme will be white, metallics, grey and black, and your clothes should have a crisp uniformed and minimal look. Accessories include belts, boots or shoes and minimal metallic jewellery.

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Creative Council

The Colour scheme is earthy colours such as beige, khaki, browns, darker browns and also black. Long capes, loose trousers, turtlenecks and kimono styled tops tops. Accessories should include some kind of belt - either a Japanese obi style belt or some kind of leather belt or both layered on top of one another. Leather bags or satchels could also be used. Boots or shoes in correct colours.

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Alliance Starfighter

Orange and Grey jumpsuits with pilots accessories such as helmets, boots and harnesses should be worn. Holsters can be added. Customise your uniform and helmet with patches and graffiti of the missions you have carried out.

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Your colours are yellow, blue, browns and blacks. Clothing is practical: jumpsuits, jeans, utility vests and other multi pocketed garments are recommended. Accessories include boots, holsters, scarves, practical pouches, googles and belts.

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